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Are you an aspiring musician or producer?

Do you want to write and record your own music for the world to hear?

Travis McCarthy Productions offers services from songwriting and guitar lessons, all the way to arranging and production guidance.



So, you've got a song?

Let's get it recorded and produced so the world can hear!

With affordable recording and production costs, Travis McCarthy Productions can get your song sounding professional in no time.

But wait, what is production?
In short, decisions.

It's all the decisions that make a track sound unique.

Below is an example of the same track, prior to mixing, before and after production.



00:00 / 00:47



00:00 / 00:47

Production decisions and implementation can be a big deal!

Travis McCarthy Productions can work with you to get your tracks sounding exactly the way you want.

Check out the recording/production pricing list below to see which option is best for you, or follow the book now link to get started!



With the advancement of recording technology and the accessibility of streaming , it's never been a better time to learn how to turn your creative ideas into tangible products.

Travis McCarthy Productions offers guitar and songwriting lessons for those wanting to learn the basics, and production lessons for those looking to take that next step in creating their own tracks.

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